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Really drives home the point that ultimately home is truly where your heart is and not the plot of land that you are currently on. We all have daily choices to make, some trivial, some more life altering. In this instance, it seems to me that the choice is between the familiarity and fondness with what you grew up with that gives the outward feelings of security and temporary happiness versus the adventure that you have embarked on by moving to an unfamiliar country that carried the risk of the unknown but held the carrot of the dream of what you wanted to explore.

If happiness equates living and acting on your dreams, then I think you guys have made the right choices.

CultureShock! Ecuador

When you are doing that, then it may not matter as much whether you are in Canada or Cuenca. But I think I would rather be in Cuenca for many of the same reasons as why you have chosen it as your current home. Delightful post! When traveling we miss our routine mostly. You are prepared to experience culture shock going TO a new country—but not coming home. HOME should always stay the way you left it-right?

The first culture shock home is always the worst. Long ago BC-before children we returned after 3 years in Germany. The milk tasted different, the cars were different what the heck is a Saturn?

And worst of all, the speed limits were way too slow. It is really hard to make yourself go slower! Your first speeding ticket helps with that. But over the next 19 years we managed to go to Cyprus, Pakistan, Egypt and Turkey.

Your experience of culture shock in Ecuador

Each time we returned to the US there was less a shock. Now out of the military and about to retire for good, we are planning to go to Latin America—someplace by the beach. If we come to Ecuador it will probably be somewhere like Salinas. I have visited Ecuador only twice but I miss the beauty and the culture of the country. What I miss the most is seeing you. I am so happy you came back home. We are really looking forward to your next visit. Love your blog! I live in China and boy has it been an adjustment.

Hi Mary, You are a strong woman! I can just imagine having to deal with so many changes and hormonal ups and downs at the same time. Any advice from Canadians would be greatly appreciated. Are we Canadians ex Canadians in Ecuador, or do we become expats? Nice post::Living where I do paperwork is monumental so that will be something I would be used to.

Being the way it is here it reflects on the good expats and the locals tend to generalize and feel all foreigners just came to take advantage. Totally understandable. Being masters at forgery and the fact you can buy anything as long as you have the money makes a place where you definitely do not want to reside unless that is why you moved there.

Always good to know before you go and I appreciate the info. Hi there Gringos; this comment is all the way from good old NS. While I have never lived in another country…well USA. And other parts of Canada. In answer to your question about what would I miss? Than you younger folk. Here is wwhat I missed when i was living in the mentioned places. I missed the beauty of the lakes that I love, in the spring walking along on the washed out banks of the babbling brooks, letting a fishing line dangle In the fast running water and pulling out small book trout. My wife rolls them in flour and spice and fries them up for supper.

Now that I would miss dearley, nothing can wet your appitite any more than a trout frying in in an old iron frying pan.

Series: Culture Shock!

I also missed the forest with the tall hardwood trees and the smell of dead leaves spread out like warm blanket on the ground , especially after a new rain That I missed So loving those simple things that are free. Why should i leave it? I shall remain in NS. Thanks Folks for your comments , keep them coming.

Hi Eric, We are not as different as you seem to think. When I was little I would spend my summer vacation fishing in the little streams around our house, and I loved it! I would bring the trout home, roll them in flower and salt and then fry them in butter the same way mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

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We did that a few times with Drew before we moved, and I do miss it. Your comment brought back a lot of memories for me, thank you. Nice write up Dena. After visiting with you here, in NS,Canada, we could see how you felt about Ecuador. I live just around the corner from the Bayers Lake Chapters store in Halifax…small world. Hi Deborah, Yes it is a small world!

You might want to consider an apart hotel called El Puente for your stay. Thanks for your comment, and all the best with your visit to Cuenca.

Series by cover

Dena, your post strikes a cord in me. I wonder about our return to Canada next spring after this year-long journey we will have completed. Vancouver will be the same. Of course it will be great to see family and friends, speak English, eat some favorite foods and go to the library.

My experience with reverse culture shock – Julieta Muñoz

But WE will have changed. I am happy to hear you are missing Ecuador.

Hi Mark, I know what you mean, we changed too. Thanks for you comment, and all the best with your plans for a trip back next spring. At least we can rest assured that the gringos and other expats we meet are not of dubious character.

My wife and our mothers are getting ready to move in March to Cuenca. We did hire a lawyer we met in Quito and one of the items is the police report. In both cases I had culture shock going and then upon returning home. It is interesting what you miss from where you have been.