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Sign up. This Specialization focuses on accounting concepts, principles and theory with an emphasis on problems that arise in applying these concepts for external reporting purposes. Specific emphasis is placed on measurement of assets, liabilities, equities and income, as well as disclosure of additional information that may assist users understand the financial reports.

In this course, we will begin our review of key asset categories underlying the Balance Sheet concepts that were introduced in the previous course.

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We will begin our trek down the Balance Sheet by reviewing cash and receivables, which are normally the two assets listed first. We will continue our trek down the Balance Sheet by looking at inventory and long-Lived Assets, which are normally two of the largest asset values. We will review the measurement and reporting issues involving Inventories and the corresponding cost of goods sold expense in the Income Statement.

In the latter half of this course we will conclude our review of key asset categories by looking at both tangible and intangible long-lived assets that are so vital to the production of goods and services.

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This will entail discussion of both acquisition and disposition of property, plant and equipment as well as cost allocation. Next, we will discuss possible impairment of these assets as well as the proper treatment of expenditures made after acquisition.

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Lastly, we will review how to identify and account for Investments. Try an open course or two, then apply for admission into the credit-bearing version as you may be eligible to take credit-bearing courses during the application process. If you are missing any prerequisites for the full degree, you can complete Coursera courses to demonstrate readiness and strengthen your application for the iMSA.

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Course Orientation -You will become familiar with the course, your classmates, and our learning environment. The orientation will also help you obtain the technical skills required for the course. Next, we will introduce the two approaches to estimating bad debt expense related to accounts receivable. Lastly, we will discuss notes receivable and various methods of financing with receivables. Module 2: Inventory - Measurement -We will learn about the types of inventory systems, as well as the costs that should be included in inventory.

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Next, we will understand the various inventory costing methods, as well as key factors on choice of these methods. The layout has a specifically-designed modular nature, allowing the instructor to make flexible didactical choices when planning an introductory lecture course. The book may in fact be employed at three levels of depth. At the elementary level the student is supposed to grasp the very essential ideas and familiarise with the corresponding key techniques.

Proofs to the main results befit the intermediate level, together with several remarks and complementary notes enhancing the treatise. The last, and farthest-reaching, level requires the additional study of the material contained in the appendices, which enable the strongly motivated reader to explore further into the subject. Definitions and properties are furnished with substantial examples to stimulate the learning process. Over solved exercises complete the text, at least half of which guide the reader to the solution. This new edition features additional material with the aim of matching the widest range of educational choices for a first course of Mathematics.

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