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And of course many Marxist or socialist critiques are dispositionally adverse to this type of reflection, at least inasmuch as it is avowedly ethical: Michael Luntley, R. Folks like Philip Mirowski, S. Amadae, and Nicholas Xenos often contain critiques motivated by ethical insight or that are chock full of ethical implications.

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And I would think some of the more sophisticated environmentalist literature would also be germane here. It may be that it takes a worldview to critique a worldview in the sense that only a worldview not beholden to some of the presuppositions of contemporary economic life and systems provides us with the critical distance to have anything ethically original, provocative or persuasive to say on the subject: thus, for instance, we might look to Catholic social teachings on the dignity of labor, etc.

Giacomo John Quiggin Myrdal wrote a lot on the fact-value distinction back in the 60s and 70s, though that may not be exactly what you are looking for.

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In both cases, most of the literature tries hard, and unsuccessfully, to avoid the obvious negative answers. Canadian He is probably closer to what most economists talk about including those in the White House. Jock Bowden Having taken two econ courses where these sorts of issues were integrated within — rather than taught stand alone — the regular Micro curriculum, two pieces of advice:. Surely, this is just bias? Egalitarianism is one very small part of ethics. Name your course Distributive Justice. You can treat it either historically or thematically. It was wonderful. Homo economicus—at least the homo economicus taught by right-wing economists everywhere—is a highly moral creature, although the morality is a weird one.

Homo economicus has no other-centered preferences: envy, altruism, love, solidarity, or the like.

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  • Lust and greed, as self-centered preferences, are permissible. The invisible hand models would collapse without this odd morality. The other answer is that homo economicus does not exist, either in reality or in any sophisticated behavioral economics. People have to deal with people.

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    If you really want your students to get passionate over economics and ethics, you could include readings from Ayn Rand, particularly Atlas Shrugged. Perhaps you could call the course, Who Is John Galt? Depending on how far you want to go back in history. Though maybe such a course might be a bit beyond the education level of your typical Economics Masters student.


    May I suggest a viewing of the movie for an alternate viewpoint on ethics in economics? Michael Harris Actually, there are people with few or no other-centered preferences: sociopaths. However, to use that term in a discussion of ethics and economics might be incendiary. I know that this thread is not intended for discussion, so I will leave it there.

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    Thanks again. Consider Rationality and the Ideology of Disconnection , Michael Taylor Cambridge, on quite a bit, including cost-benefit analysis and environmental decision-making. And how can you leave out John Stuart Mill? Second to Social Limits to Growth, which is tremendously interesting.

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    • Can you focus part of the course on a specific aspect of social life — eg, the economics and ethics of health, or schooling, or higher education? SamChevre Princeton economist Thomas C.

      Free market economics: A syllabus

      Leonard teaches an undergraduate course on ethics and economics. Lots of good stuff here. For non-academic stuff you could look at the Papal Encyclical Populorum Progressio. How does it compare to other theories of ethics? You can distance yourself from whether a theory is actually right — e. Marxism and free-market economics viewed as political religions.

      The question of whether some real-world economic arrangement is ethical is also interesting, but perhaps a different question. Harry, I can do with the course what I want within the limits of reason, of course , and one of the things that I want to do which is most likely very unusual is to talk about the entire nonmarket economy — half of our economy is outside the market the goods and services produced within households and families and informal settings , and what ethical questions that raises e.

      Lots of wonderful suggestions here, many that I did not know of, thanks! I thought it was a bit lightweight, and disagreed with it in plenty of places, but it might be a good starting point for a discussion.

      Katherine Murray Gregorson Rosenberg argues that inter alia economics might best be understood as a branch of social contract theory, i. Pete Murphy How about a book about a completely new economic theory that relates rising unemployment to overpopulation? The biggest obstacle we face in changing attitudes toward overpopulation is economists. This is why world leaders continue to ignore population growth in the face of mounting challenges like peak oil, global warming and a whole host of other environmental and resource issues.

      The very act of using space more efficiently creates a problem for which there is no solution: it inevitably begins to drive down per capita consumption and, consequently, per capita employment, leading to rising unemployment and poverty. Looks interesting. Jennifer Christian Keith Nightenhelser Does Studying Economics Inhibit Cooperation? All completed assignments will be graded no later than seven days from the submission date, and sooner when possible. The incomplete grade is used for verifiable unavoidable reasons. If you have made significant progress in your course, your end date is near, and you have reasons that can be documented as unavoidable, you may request a grade of Incomplete.

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