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Taking the appearance of The Molecule Man, the first human being he encounters on Earth, the Beyonder journeys to Los Angeles, where he uses his godlike powers to turn a failed screenwriter into a superpowered being and observes him as he battles Captain America and Iron Man while also encountering the X-Men, who have been alerted to his presence by Charles Xavier.

Seeking a familiar face, he invades the apartment of Peter Parker and asks him to teach him the basics of what it means to be human. After awkwardly explaining to the all-powerful but extremely naive Beyonder how to use the bathroom, Parker suggests that he contact Reed Richards. After being told by Cage that money is what matters most in this world, the Beyonder casually turns their building to gold, causing it to collapse upon itself.

This scene hints that this whole event was a backdoor pilot for a Marvel sitcom. The Beyonder then decides to experience the uniquely human emotion known as love, trying it first with a non-superpowered human woman but then turning his attention to Dazzler, basically kidnapping her and subsequently battling the Avengers and Alpha Flight. Succumbing to depression over not gaining the things that humanity takes for granted, The Beyonder tries to kill himself but is momentarily inspired to help a young mutant girl known only as Boom-Boom in her first comic appearance , only to once again run afoul of The Avengers, who now see him as a major threat that needs to be stopped.

Frustrated by all of his failed attempts to understand humanity, The Beyonder returns to the first place he visited when he arrived on Earth — the apartment dwelling of Owen Reece, a.

The Molecule Man. His climactic battle with the Avengers, X-Men, Alpha Flight, the New Mutants, the Silver Surfer and others ends when the machine that The Beyonder created to wipe his memories of Earth turns him into a baby is destroyed by the Molecule Man, killing the infant Beyonder. Try pulling that off, Jonathan Hickman!

As far as event comic storylines go, Secret Wars II was probably not the ideal one to start with, but even though I was only nine years old when I first read the story in its entirety, I was impressed by how expansive it was for the Marvel Universe as a whole. Unlike the first Secret Wars miniseries, which took place almost entirely on a single remote planet, the presence and actions of The Beyonder in Secret Wars II affected nearly every corner of the Marvel Universe, giving the entire storyline an appropriately epic feel.

Reading it now after thirty years, I was struck by how bleak and cynical it is for a major superhero arc. They never have a big, long, heart-to-heart discussion. You can blame a lot of this on the Psycho-Man. Who knows how things could have turned out then…. What Now? Ben Gilbert Jan 08, 2 comments. If you enjoyed this article, subscribe to receive more great content just like it.

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